Crimp Die Set Up

Consistent crimping is critical from load to load. Take your time and learn it well. With the bullet seated and case in the shell holder, run the ram all the way up. Thread the die body downward until it makes contact with the case. Repetitiously, lower the ram slightly and turn the die downward incrementally in quarter turns and then run the ram back up into the die. Once into the die, wiggle the die back and fourth. Keep repeating this until there is no more play between the die and the cartridge case. Once you are at the point where there is no more play between the cartridge case and the die, the die is beginning into the crimp stage. For turret or progressive presses turn between 1/8" to 1/2" for desired crimp. For single stage, about 1/8" to 1/4". This will be dependent on how much play you removed from the die and cartridge case. Light crimps are minimal adjustments, heavy crimps are max adjustments. Take your time and pay attention to the fine details so when you repeat this process you do it the same every time. If you have questions this is the forum to ask them in. Highboy
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