Reloading/Casting Equipment Buy/Sell/Trade

***READ BEFORE POSTING*** ***NO FIREARM SALES OR NO SELLING OF PARTS WITH SERIAL NUMBERS*** ***Having a gun does not make you a Sheepdog. Having a strong sense of awareness and your surroundings does. I would rather have one man with a keen awareness than 10 with guns. The man with the awareness will soon own 10 guns. Read and understand this category and ultimately, be the Sheepdog, not the sheep. Otherwise you may meet the wolf. ***Sheepdogs, buying, selling and trading reloading equipment, casting equipment, non-serialized gun parts such as grips, grip frames, barrels, triggers, sights, scopes, cylinders, magazines, clips, actions/action parts, knives, holsters, sheaths, etc. are allowed. ***NO FIREARM SALES OR NO SELLING OF PARTS WITH SERIAL NUMBERS*** If anybody attempts to sell a firearm, mods will be all over it. Your account will be put on hold until I speak with you on the phone. If after a week, I have not spoken with the individual responsible for the posting, they will be gone. If the offending member makes a second wrongful post I may ban them. If you do not understand the difference between something that you can sell and something you can't, simply ask. We have all had to learn and are willing to help, so please ask if you are not sure. DON'T BE IGNORANT WITH YOUR DEALINGS!!! If someone wants to meet you personally for a buy/sell/trade and you think they are nice, you may end up dead. Be a Sheepdog, not a gullible sheep. Keep in mind, this person you are selling to may agree to meet you in a public place but their sole intention could be to get your license plate. Don't leave a trail that takes them to your cave. Remember, there are wolves, sheep, and Sheepdogs. Everybody on this forum should be a Sheepdog!!! I highly recommend you use an alternative shipping address if you do not know the individual you are selling to. Do not leave a trail back to your dwelling. Also, be aware that by calling an individual you may be revealing your name and whereabouts. Remember, there are scammers that use the phone daily. No matter how good the deal sounds or how quick they say it's going to sell, don't transfer cash! If they are not a regular participating member, I would question dealing with them. I suggest that you use PayPal. PayPal has ways of being the go between, between the buyer and the seller. If any of you Sheepdogs sense a wolf roaming the fields, let me know. PM me their name and I will offer to speak with them on the phone. I have no problem putting my cross hairs on a wolf. Lastly, this is use at your own risk. If you get taken by the wolf and come back complaining, we will know your were not thinking like a Sheepdog. If you get the bad end of a deal make sure you learn from your experience and deal wisely the next. OK Sheepdogs, make some good deals out there and have fun. Sheepdog Highboy
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