1st try using "Ford Lite Blue" color to PC


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Finally finished delubing the last of all 7000 lead bullets today. I ended up with just over 165 lbs of lead when I finished.
I decided to do an initial pc test run with the Ford Blue on a few of em to see how this works.
They didn't come out too awfully bad, but I need to work on my handling techniques a little bit to ensure a little bit better coverage.
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Good work. It was a lot of work getting all that lube off, I’m sure. With all those rounds thatnhaven’t been used for so long, I think I’d be with you on your idea of getting a pot and couple pf molds and re-cast them into something I’d be more likely to use 😁
Thanks, Walter.
Yep...it took me awhile.
I only had an old 2-quart sauce pan to work with so that limited me to de-lubing about 500 bullets/session. I put about 500 bullets in the pan, filled it up with water to about 2-3" above the bullets, added a tablespoon of LemiShine and 2 tablespoons of Dawn (after the water was added to keep it from foaming). Brought it all up to a hard boil until the foam started rising to the top of the pan, shut it off and let it cool. After a few minutes, I'd toss a handful of ice cubes in the pan to bring the temperature down quicker. The lube melted off, floated to the surface and then caked to the sides of the pan. The Dawn appears to help make it congeal into a fairly solid piece of cake. Once cooled enough to where I could handle it, I broke the caked lube off and removed it from the pan, strained the water off, rinsed/strained em, tossed em into a large coffee can, and then added mineral spirits to cover em. I let that sit for a couple of hours to melt off any small residual wax that was left, while I cleaned up the pan and started in on another boil. When the 2nd one was done, I poured the mineral spirits from the first one, into the 2nd one to re-use it. I, then, took the first one and spread the bullets out on a paper towel to dry in the sun. I kept alternating the process like that until they were all done. I did about 3-4 boils/day as I had other things I needed to do as well. But, yeah, it took me awhile, but I'm more than well-pleased with the final results.
FWIW, many of these bullets were left over from my USPSA days of long ago, and I will eventually recast them into new bullet shapes that I more commonly shoot now.
This forum, (special thanks to Reb Tyree), kinda "lit the fire" (no pun intended) for me to get this going. I've been wanting to do something with these for awhile now.
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