40 S&W for me today...”plus”


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So I only had about 150 rounds of 40S&W : 175 gr cast with the Lee 401-175-SWC mold, powder coated with Eastwood Ford Light Blue. I needed an excuse to cast and load so I packed up a couple o’ Glocks, the 23 and the 35 a d went to the gun club. I shot reasonably well. The ‘35 is a tack driver, the ‘23, not so much. But, I managed to impress the guy in the next lane.

Anyway, I also scored a buncha range brass as nobody had emptied the bins from the previous afternoon. I came home with about 2k 9mm, and 100 each of .38 Special, 380, 40 S&W and 45 ACP.

Then USPS delivered a package from Midway a day early with a new Frankford Arsenal digital powder measure, and some other odds and ends. I spent the afternoon de-priming brass and having fun. Even found time to hit a couple antique shops with Kathryn..

A good day, estilo del Viejo. 😎
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