600 yard range


I finally made it out to a good range today. I brought my 1911 .45, the 30-06, and the .303 Brit to shoot the cartridges I have been loading. I can't claim to be a marksman but my friend and I had a great time for hours pushing rounds downrange. With the .45 I was hitting steel at 110 yards with Xtreme 230 gr plated RN bullets out of Hornady brass packed with Unique, not every time but enough to be very happy with my progress in loading. I wasn't shooting paper and I don't own a chronograph so I can't claim any grouping stats or velocities. If I didn't hit I was keeping them close.

I took both rifles out to 600 yards using both Hornady and Starline brass with Sierra Matchking bullets. With the .303, we were using the WWII flip-up adjustable rear peep sight. I will say that both of us kicked up more dirt than steel but we were both scoring enough to have a great time doing it.

Now I get to start the whole process over again
That's awesome! Sounds like you guys had a very much deserved good time at the range. I will admit I'm jealous you got to shoot your 1911. I bought a new Springfield 1911 A1 well over 6 months ago, and it still has zero rounds threw it. Still trying to work out how to get range time with my wifes illnesses.
But I am happy for you! (y)
Have fun with all the reloading bro.
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