7.62 x 53r vs. 7.62 x 54r

There was some discussion today on the live chat were the question was asked about the difference between the two cartridges. Although technically the specifications of each cartridge are slightly different it's not an issue shooting either cartridge as marked in Russian Mosin rifle or of their former communist affiliates whos rifle are designed around the 7.62 x 54r cartridge.

From my research it appears that any commercial made 7.62 x 53r Lapua ammunition or 7.62 x 54r steel or brass case ammo everyone else make will work perfectly fine in rifles chambered in 7.62 x 54r. The only issue I've come across is with Finnish Mosin rifles that came before the M39 was produced, the M39 was an upgrade rifle made in 1939 to accept captured 54r ammunition, also the Finnish TKIV 85 sniper rifle is also chambered for the shorter 53r or 53 mm rimmed cartridge.

As a reloader if you have one of these rifles that has the shorter chamber length which will only be found in Finnish Mosin rifles before the M39 variant was produced in 1939 you simply have to just trim the cases to the proper length. Also be aware that the Finnish Mosin rifle can have groove diameters as small as .308.5 up to .310" while Russian and other variants of the 54r chambered rifles can have groove diameters from .310" up to as large as .316" in general the Russian rifle usually run from .311" to .313" both of mine have .312" groove bores.

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