Annealing 223


How many guys anneal 223 brass? I have never done it and was wondering what’s the benefit of doing so?
The benefit is that after several firings, our rifle brass necks begin to get 'work hardened' and more prone to cracking and failure. Annealing re-softens the necks so that portion of the case can perform it’s job more like when new. With more expensive rifle brass, replacing it after only 3 or 4 firings isn't always feasible. In those instances annealing will significantly prolong the life of the case. For 223 specifically, that brass is so cheap and easy to obtain, it hardly seems worth the effort to me. I just toss the brass when it begins to show signs of getting too hard at the neck.

One of the most educational 'how-to' vids I ever saw on annealing was done by Gunblue490 on his channel. He was a professional armorer and is very thorough. Although his video is ostensibly about using the Bench Source annealing machine, he does a really good job on what work hardening is all about, why annealing is important, and how to do it inexpensively if that's your direction.

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