Big Cow Down!

Hey guys, I downed a cow on Saturday evening in NW Colorado. My buddy and I knew where they were bedded so we put a stalk on them. They weren't moving much and not too many elk were on the property because there wasn't a lot of snow. We stalked to within 175 yards, that is how far I shot my cow from. Then about 6-7 others stood up so my buddy Dale shot his cow, right next to me, about 30 seconds after I shot mine. It was truly a hunt to remember. The best part? I shot he with my own reloads that I developed. It was an awesome day!

I attached some after shot photos, not to be gory, but to show you how well the Speer GrandSlam took care of business!


Great score, you have a memory that will last a lifetime. Man was designed to be a hunter / gatherer, it's in all of us, some just choose not to invoke it.
Glad I was designed this way!
Congrats! Win-win all the way around. What did you shoot her with, cartridge wise?
300 WinMag with 180 grain Speer GrandSlams. I’m going to now do some seating depth testing to tighten the load up if possible. I’m seated at max mag length currently.
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