Bobs .223 bullets

Was wondering if anyone has made reloads using bobs .223 rem 55 fmjbt w/cann? I’m using ramshot tac and trying to figure out a start Load for them but can’t seem to find one. If anyone could help that would be great, thanks.


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While Western Powder’s website does not list Bob’s bullets specifically, they do show load data for several other 55 grain bullets using Tac. You could study those and find a listed bullet that most closely matches the one you are using, and get a good idea of an appropriate starting point. Here’s a link to the .pdf version of their manual...
Bob's Bullets and TAC are my go-to and TAC is one of Bob's favorites too. I run 26.6 grains of TAC under his 55 Gr. bullet. You will LOVE it!!!

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Ok thanks a lot highboy. I thought I would make some loads up using that Sierra bullet 1455, it’s the best rolled up at 25.0 in my AR. Thanks for making that video, that really helped me a lot. I was just going to try it the same with this bob's bullet and I guess stay with the OAL at 2.250 so it should be good to go. I had made some loads up from the Lee book, but they didn't have very much power at all and the OAL was 2.195 so that had me scratching my head and wondering what day it was.
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