Bought Blue!

I ordered a 750 yesterday afternoon. Very excited, single stage gets old quick lol. Dillon says will be at least a month before it arrives. Mine will be set up for 45 auto. I also bought the quick change for 10mm\40S&W. I wanted 300 BO also but will be July before they can start filling backorders. I'm going to mount it on a 4" mount from Inline. Was going to mount it on the bench but want to make sure I have clearance for the linkage. My reloading bench is in our finished attic. So case feeder will be a tight fit. Also a bummer because I have to share space with our storage stuff.
Awesome!!!! Once you find a rhythm you will love it. Watch Highboys vids on set up and you will be up and running in no time.
I've watched twice through already lol. Its what influenced me into going ahead and buying it. I will again when it arrives. Very excited! I finished some single stage I needed to today. Then tore apart my loading area. I have stuff scattered everywhere trying to reorganize. Adding shelf to bench, installing new lighting, etc
I used to drink a lot of coffee. It makes me sick/puke for some reason now. Its not the caffeine because I swithched to RED Bull without issue. At this point I think I'm 50/50 blood/RED BULL. I'll have a cup every once in awhile but I have to make sure I have a full stomach first. If I drink more than one cup it starts messing with me. Coffee is awesome though. Nice dark and black
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