BREAKING NEWS!! 9th Circuit Strikes Down Magazine Restrictions!


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Yup! Ordered a few standard cap mags today.
Praise the Lord. Somehow, we need to keep it going in that direction. Now you California guys start buying every mag you can buy.

absolutely. Hopefully, this is one of the precious few times California’s lead can have a positive influence.

Reb Tyree

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Being behind the lines in California, this is great news, but it's only the 1st step. The part of the "Stay" to buy them is still in effect until that part of the "Stay" is lifted.

There are several companies that will be taking orders but will not ship them until the stay is lifted. This is pending the actions of the 9th Circuit Court and the State of CA.

If the CA Attorney General pursues the matter further to have the decision heard by the full panel (10 Justices) of the Supreme Court.

So to recap as the decision reads, We still Can't purchase "Standard Capacity Mags" until that part of the "Stay" which is to be able to Purchase "Standard Capacity Mags" is lifted. So we are still limeted to 10 round magazines.

There are folks here in CA, who have been arrested for Possession of the "Standard Capacity Magazines." even after Judge Benitez's original ruling. CA "Freedom Week" allowed residents of this state to Purchase "Standard Capacity Magazines"
during the week prior to the original Stay being issued. Still waiting to hear about the status on those cases.

It's still great news for us folks behind the lines. Hopefully it will go in our favor.
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