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I have a question for all of you. Whenever I read an article on which reloading dies to buy, I never see Dillon mentioned. Highboy, I know I have seen you use most over the years. In your honest opinion how do you think the Dillon dies compare to the other manufacturer’s die sets? Thanks for the input.


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I actually prefer the Dillon dies over most others. You can tear them down for cleaning while still in the tool head for easy re assembly. Dillon holds very tight tolerances. If I owned any other manufacturer of progressive machine I would run Dillon dies. I would rate Dillon dies close to Redding. I would put Dillon up against all of them.

I load 10 calibers on Dillon machines and have 10 sets of Dillon dies, but i have noticed the biggest share of people that have Dillon presses dont use Dillon dies
It's always made me scratch my head, they are very very good quality die sets
I personally cannot compare them to any other dies, i never used anything but Dillon dies

One of the best added features of Dillon rifle dies is built in stuck case removal, ive never stuck a case, knock on wood, but if i was to be so unfortunate, its there for me
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The ability to clean them in place and the fact that they are designed for progressive presses make them a joy to use. They are very high quality and make great ammo.
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