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Father, thank you for the celebration of Easter, which to those who have received Jesus as their Lord & Savior, have come to know the Reserrection is no small thing. Many may take it for granted, or not realize the truth concerning it, but without Jesus raising from the dead, we have nothing. The resurrection of Jesus is the center of all of the Christian faith. Thank you precious Father, for sending your only begotten Son, from the foundation of the world, to be the 'satisfying' sacrifice - the only possible one - that pleased You to remove the wrath of your Holiness upon us & set us free, in Jesus. Thank You Father, for granting us access to Your Throne of Grace, where we may find Your Mercy & gain Grace to help (us) in our time of need.
My prayer Lord, is that You would touch the lives of millions of people tomorrow; that we will be a light to our family & friends; that the joy of The Lord, would be flowing through us in Your Holy Spirit; that You would cause the pulpits everywhere to speak the truth of Your love, acceptance & Salvation to all who attend & that there will be many repentant hearts that would come unto a saving knowledge of Jesus, accept Him as their Lord & Savior with a deep commitment & receive forgiveness of their sins. I pray Lord, that many hearts would melt away any & all unforgiveness towards one another so that relationships may be reconciled in Jesus.
Thank You Lord Father for Your immense & unconditional love You have for us. May Your heart be flooded this Easter with ours for You.
I love You Lord, with all my heart, soul, mind & strength, in Jesus' Name. Amen. ✝
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