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MEMBERS You are all Sheepdogs of this forum. If you see the wolf... hit the report button.

I never "REALLY" ban anyone, instead they ban themselves. I want everyone to be able to enjoy this forum and find the information that they need. I want to give everyone that chance. Ultimately you make your own decision as I can't do it for you. If you are not disciplined enough to control yourself then YOU force me to hit the ban button. I do not owe anyone a reason for being banned. This is my forum and my rules and I will enforce the rules so my valued friends can have a place to enjoy without drama and issue. If you are a CCW holder, how are you going to control yourself when a stressful situation arises? If you cannot control yourself on a simple forum then you should not carry a weapon and are a danger to society. God bless and I hope to see you be a part of this forum. Highboy

Breaking the following rules will result in a warning first. Tread lightly from there.

1) No harassing other members. I want members to be able to ask questions and seek information without others backbiting and harassing. If we see this, the person doing the harassing will be tapped on the shoulder.

2) No company bashing. The companies on this forum are friends of mine. If you have a problem with a company this is not the place to air your dirty laundry. Instead, pick up the phone or e- mail them and give them a chance to correct the issue. If you do not get the satisfaction you feel you deserve, then I suggest taking your business elsewhere or manufacturing your own products and starting your own business and make the world a better place. But by no means is this forum a place to start demeaning companies because I will put my foot down real fast. Depending on the severity of the member's comments an immediate ban may be the result.

3) Admins and Mods. If you have a problem with one of my admins or mods you have a problem with me. These are humble individuals who have the desire to help others so if you don't play well in the sandbox you may want to go elsewhere.

4) No swearing or vulgar language.

5) Conservative Politics ONLY! I am not of the Clinton/Pelosi crowd... I am MAGA. If you are not MAGA this is definitely not your crowd. Pushing ANY liberal agendas WILL get you banned immediately. If you do not like this... I...DON"T...CARE!!!

6) Bible studies only. I am a Christian and Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and this is HIS forum. Keep your religion to yourself. If you don't think that is fair and want to share your religion then start your own forum with your own money. Sharing your Muslim beliefs will get you banned!!!

7) No SPAM or sharing affiliate links. If you want your gun/reloading channel to be in it's own sub forum I can arrange that but I do not allow channels to randomly share links. If you want your own sub forum send me a message and we will make that happen. Highboy

8) Because I do not want to cause another man to stumble before the Lord, conversation and pictures of alcoholic beverages are not permitted on this site. Stay pure before the Lord.

9) No Hi-Jacking Threads... Thread hijacking is when a user is replying to a thread on the forums asking a different question to the original question or suggestion on the first post of that thread. I will also define thread Hi-Jacking as a change of topic or question.

10) NO politics... None!!!

Breaking the following rules will result in immediate forum termination. No warnings.

1) No disrespecting the United States Constitution. Our forefathers gave their lives for our freedom and I WILL NOT allow disrespect in any way.

2) No Walking on Our United States Flag. Flag burners have to go!

3) No Disrespecting our United States Military Personnel and Veterans. If you show disrespect to these men and women I WILL show you to the door.

4) No firearms sales. No excuses; you will be banned.

5) No sharing of load data. This forum intends to teach new reloaders to find their load data from reloading manuals and professional publications. Most of the time the intention behind sharing load data is to help the new reloader. However, there is always the chance of posting incorrect data which can result in greatly injuring another person who came to learn. In doing this we have not really helped anyone. As opposed to posting load data, direct the new reloader to where they can find published load data for themselves. Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime. Lastly, some post load data in malicious ways in order to hurt others. I will stand heavy on this. Immediate banning will result in postings of load data. Highboy
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I like it I want one! Where can I get one?
It's been awhile but I pretty sure I got mine here, they may not have the exact color as it been a few years since I bought mine.

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