Good run today

Had a great session today. I reloaded 600 rounds of 9mm. Started at 11:30 this morning and finished up at 2:30. Smooth steady strokes on the press, nothing rushed. I took two coffee breaks, not too shabby. Two 380's snuck by my sorting apparently, I have a strong dislike for their ability to get past me. Other than that the ol' Hornady had zero issues, pretty pleased. I have to say the Inline Fabrication mount and ergo handle make re-loading SO much better. I had a goal of 1k rounds but just got tired lol. How long do you guys load for? Usual round count?
"How long do you guys load for? Usual round count?"

Great post!! I especially like the 2 coffee breaks!

For me, it depends on the time of year. Right now, it's a transitional time of year where the holidays and football are over but it's too early to go catch bass. Point being, we (my Father and I), can take our time and inspect brass slowly and methodically because we have extra time. In the last month, we've fully prepped a little over 6k cases of .223. Loading sessions right now are 200 here, 100 there, 300 there etc. Load development is happening and at the same time (not literally), hunting rounds are being tweaked and different bullets are being used. Plinking ammo for the summer is being produced.

It's currently taking us an hour or so to produce 200-300 but we are taking our time and trying to improve our safety standards. Also, we need to have brass prepped for summer.

During the summer, my family lives in the woods at our cabin and while there, it isn't unusual for us to shoot 1k or more a week. When that happens for a few weeks, we come home and run ~1k in a couple hours and run back up to the mountain with freshly loaded AR magazines.

Whether it's this time a year where we 'enjoy the build' and 'milk' the process, or summertime and we need some rounds 'on the fly' it's all rewarding.

Winter = 100 - 300 in 2-4 hours
Summer = 1k in 2-3 hours


I don’t know why I never responded to this when first posted, but it is, indeed a good topic. I shoot a lot of different calibers, and so never have a need to ever run more than 300 or so at a time. More typical would be for me to sit down and run the 100-150 that I plan to shoot the next day.
I'm still getting used to my XL750 so I can't answer that question. It's so cold and snowy here that I have been unable to hit the range. I have a new steel target coming though so my motivation level is high. I can tell you I am slow with my single stage precision rounds. Happy shooting!
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