Great organization options from Inline

The upgrades that made a world of difference for me was the Ultra Mount and Ergo Roller handle. I think depending on your set up ie. standing, sitting, height of bench, these are a must have. Recently I purchased their Rail Organizer system with a tray and a storage box. Awesome way to keep the bench organized and looking good. Inline's stuff is built like tank armor and will surely last forever. Each time I buy a new die set to reload a different caliber I pick up one of their Die Holders, they also make them press specific if you prefer. I will certainly be adding some more of their stuff in the future!



Hand Press
Funny that you should bring this up. Inline just shipped to me the rail mount and the die organizer. In addition they are shipping the replacement top for one of my ultramounts so that I can use it as a Quick Change Top for a couple of my presses. They are a great supplier and very innovative.

As an update to my comment above, my order has arrived today with one more in the mail pending delivery. I will get started tomorrow in order to conert one of my Ultramounts to a Quick Change Top.
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