Hoppe's Elite Foaming Cleaner

Hey guys, I got this email at work today. It came from a neighboring PD who has had issues with the cleaner gumming up their firing pin channels. I wanted to pass it along to just encourage you all to take care when cleaning. Hoppe's is a great company, just something to be aware of:


We now have a confirmed incident with this cleaner within our department. We had an officer come in who had purchased this product at Walmart. After using it and reading the email yesterday he found that his trigger didn’t seem as smooth. He brought his guns in and we found that all the internal components were gummed up. We took one gun outside and attempted to fire it. IT WOULD NOT FIRE!
Mr. Stewart said that it was very difficult to get the gummed cleaner off of the parts.

If you have used this product you need to immediately bring your gun(s) to the range so that we can check it and detail clean it. You may be carrying a gun that won’t function!

We recommend that you just use standard gun cleaning liquid solvent. We recommend Shooter’s Choice. If you find a product that seems too good to be true, it probably is. I’m not sure anyone really enjoys cleaning guns but remember that someone’s life may depend on your properly cleaned gun. Get with any range staff if you need recommendations on products.

The second thing I would like to remind you of is the function checks that we should be doing after we clean our guns. With the striker fired pistols like Glock and S&W M&P’s, after you have cleaned, lubed and reassembled your gun:
-Ensure that the chamber is empty
-No magazine in the gun
-Point the weapon in a safe direction and pull the trigger
-Keep the trigger depressed and move the gun quickly forward and backward
-You should be able to hear the firing pin freely moving back and forth
-If you don’t hear that (as was the case with the guns brought in) it might indicate that the firing pin channel has become gummed up and your firing pin may not generate enough force to hit the primer and fire the weapon


Staff member
Thanks for the heads up. I've found standard gun oil to cause firing pin sticking issues as well. I tend to stick to a lube that dries and leave a dry lubricating film as a result. This is the first I've heard of a solvent doing so.
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