How does it work?

The give away a couple weeks ago. PlastixRevolution. If I was reading it correctly, they were giving away three pieces. Two of them were designed for ARs, and since I don't own an AR I didn't bother signing up.

But the third piece was for a 1911.

From the picture, it is an L-shaped piece of plastic. And I am having trouble trying to decide what you do with it.

IF the long leg is the same size and shape as a 1911 magazine, you could snap it into the magwell, and with the short leg sticking out below the grip, could lock the short leg into a vise.

That's the only thing I could come up with.

So --- how DOES it work?


Yeah I was at that page last week. Looked at the picture. But with no size mentioned, or anything in the picture to get a scale, I had to guess.

If I was designing that page, I'd have three pictures. One of the piece (the one they have), one with the long leg about halfway up a magazine well, so there would be no confusion about how it attaches to the gun, and the third one with the gun on the piece and the piece locked in a vise.

But then, maybe I'm the only one that was confused. :)
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