How to Post a Thread with a Picture


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I would suggest you use an image sharing site like Imgur for photo sharing. You upload your photo there and choose whether to make it hidden or public. You can still share a hidden photo. It will save Highboy hard drive space and still enable you to share photos here. All those pictures add up to a lot of hard drive space over time.

To do it.
  1. Start your thread as normal.
  2. Enter text if you so wish before the photo.
  3. Open a new tab to go to the web site you are storing your photos on.
  4. Select you photo to view.
  5. Right click the picture you wish to share.
  6. Select "Copy Image Location" from the menu that pops up.
  7. Come back to this tab.
  8. Click the "Insert Image" icon that looks like a little picture.
  9. Click on the By url icon that looks like a chain link.
  10. Right click on the box that says http://
  11. Select "Paste" from the menu that pops up.
  12. Click the Insert button.
  13. From there you can type more if you wish below the picture or insert more pictures as you wish.
  14. Click the Post reply button like you normally would for any other post.
Post them pictures!
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