I am the slowest part of Reloading


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I am the slowest part of Reloading on the Dillon 750. If the powder hopper is full, and the primer tubes are full, and the case feeder tubes are full, I still have to pick a bullet, ( in this case a 45 ACP - a large projectile ) and put it in my fingers correctly, and sit it on top of the case, and guide it to the top. If your hands are arthritic, and your motor skills have deteriorated, this is more of an effort than you realize. A bullet feeder, one would suggest. Then you introduce another zone where a stoppage can occur or something could go out of wack. The penalties of growing old. I am sure that a young man of 45 could really rip and tear on this press, just simply because he is more coordinated and articulate with his fine motor skills in handling this press.

When the feeder tube is completely full, there are 19 45 ACP cases in the tube. I can run 114 cases in 20-25 minutes. That means in 50 minutes of steady running I can do 228 cases. But in all reality, I take a break between every case feeding tube that I load. I dust off the press and check everything, and sometimes I just sit down to look at this forum to read or contribute. I am no speed demon. The BEST thing is: THE DILLON 750 WORKS GREAT AND I DON'T LIVE UP TO ITS STANDARDS.

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I'm with you Highboy! It took me along time to learn that I wasn't 19 anymore! My last tour in Iraq made me feel old, older...lol, I remember when I use to could! Now I just enjoy the reloading process. The Arthritis and hand cramps has caused me to slow down. So if I can reload 100 rounds a day I'm good with that!! Just means I'll have more load later...lol

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