If I have a Redding T-7 what value to me is a Forster Press?

Just thinking about this situation and to find a rationalization for a Forster Press in Reloading Room. I already have a Dillon 550 C and a Dillon 750. I like my Redding for my rifle calibers: 243; 308, 30-06. I also load bolt action 223 on this press and have been thinking about adding the 45-70. Don't see what I cannot do on the Redding that I the Forster can do. I also like the flexibility of the Redding Turret because I already have all the dies for a particular caliber on a single turret. Any opinions and would any one care to comment?

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I have the Forster., it is one nice press it's also has good leverage it takes very little leverage to size brass you can almost do it with very little effort. It knocks out primers without getting all the crud on the ram. Some say it's not good for priming but I prime 308 and it works great for me.
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