I'm A Little Wacky!

I bought a perfectly good progressive press, the RL550C,
100% complete and from the condition it was in, nearly brand new
I then stripped it down to just the frame, took the shell plate base to work and chopped it up
Bought a SOLO single stage conversion kit, and made it a dedicated single stage press
That my friends is how much i love Dillon Precision!!!!!!!
There is no shell plate needed, its the base plate that the shell plate rides in that i modified , i actually cut it down to the same diameter as the ram, and the shell holder adapter
I will try to upload some pics, its easier to see what i am talking about
On the press, i didn't like having that huge shell plate base, but i had to have it as a spacer for it to work correctly, this is why I modified it, more true look of a single stage
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So, as i had to have a single stage for my cast bullet sizing and a few other tasks, i made my own Dillon RL550 single stage press
This picture is one of those tasks, i cant run finished handloads through the Lee Buldge Buster on my progressive press
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