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WoodChuk, I am new to reloading and am getting ready to do my first rounds in the Next few week when I get a break from work. I have a Redding Big Boss II and am going to reload 9mm, 223, 38/357. Wanted to start with a single stage to get my feet wet. I’ve watched most all of Highboys videos and he is a great source of info. I’ll likely ask some silly newbie questions so please know it’s only coming from inexperience. Great to be apart of you folks community.


Single Stage Press
No question is a bad one in this field. A very small error can cause a very big bang. And sometimes it can cause injury damage or worse. Thats why we question, research and double check. Its not dangerous if you do it right. But only then!


Single Stage Press
You will have a great time of learning, as reloading is a very interesting hobby. Looking forward to learning together.

Reb Tyree

Load Data Elibible CZ75B SA
Motor953, Welcome to "Highboy Nation," the Best Gun Forum on the Wide, Wide, Worldwide Internet. So come in sit a spell. We have some very knowledgeable folks here, who are always Happy to help answer your questions. We all were new at the start of the reloading journey. No matter how long you have been reloading, your always learning.
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