Melting pots


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Is it the model 24 - it is a great pot for casting Zinc bullets. I think you will find that it drips a lot. It will work for lead so no issues there. And the $40 is a great price for it. I have one that I use for Zinc only. I bought 3 of them and restored them - gave one to Willie Bullet Man and the other to Walter Bunning. They both use them for Zinc. The Saeco is the same as the Lyman 61 - Zinc casting with the saeco pot ------- Lyman 61 pot casting Zinc
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That's what I'm hoping for this winter. Speaking of winter, we have almost 2 inches of snow on the ground this morning. It's that time of year up here.
Yikes! We’re still in the 80s-90s here. It’s supposed to cool down next week. I hope so, I have a buncha casting to Do.
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