Mom's old Model 37

My Mom passed away last year and I inherited her guns. A Browning A-5 Light Twenty, an old Mossberg 152 .22 rifle, and her Smith and Wesson Model 37 Airweight.
Dad was a Cop and worked night shifts every so often. He wanted to be sure that Mom had a decent revolver for personal protection at home and in the car. He carried a S&W Model 15 on duty and a 2' barreled nickel plated Model 37 as his back-up and off-duty gun. My Mom liked his model 37, so he went down to the local Gun Shop and bought her a Blued Model 37 with a 3" barrel. He also purchased a holster and an old school set of Herrett Shooting Star Grips, that gave her a little more grip surface and control, than the normal Round Butt factory grips. Dad was a S&W Armorer and Firearms Instructor. He did a little action job and duty tune on the revolver. The action is smooth as glass, and very reliable.
Mom later got a 2" blued model 36 that she shot and carried mostly. My Wife now has that one. While the Model 37 was shot frequently, even by me as a kid, it mostly stayed at home beside the bed. As you can see, it's in night stand condition. LOL. Today, while going through some old papers, I found the info card that my Dad had typed, when he purchased the gun. He always kept an index card, in a safe place on each gun he owned, with all info on it for future reference. Check out the prices. :D


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That’s a great story, and a great firearm.

Back in the late 60’s, a fella was murdered a couple of places down the road from us. Dad bought a S&W Model 36 for my mom and sisters to learn to use. That firearm came to me when Dad passed and of course I still have it. I rarely shoot it. I doubt that it has more that 500 rounds through it and it’s in pristine condition. I think that If I had to keep one gun, it would be that one exclusively for it’s family connection.
@1911 HeadBanger That is a super cool story and history, with the perfect pistol to go along with it!

I keep the price tags (when I can) and receipts for all my firearm purchases. I too, have index cards with maintenance notes and parts lists for each of my guns. My hope is that one day, those things will mean a lot to my family.

Very cool story, thanks for sharing it with us. I feel privileged for having the chance to read it!
Thanks Everybody. I rarely shoot it. But last week, I saw it sitting in the safe, and I couldn't resist. I'm fortunate enough to have a place in a rural area and 15 acres. I have a little range I've set up in my back yard and lucky enough to shoot whenever I want. I have a table on my back porch that doubles as a shooting bench and a steel target at 100 yards and 300 yards when I feel the need to play with rifles.
Anyway, I grabbed a box of ammo and went out and ran a few cylinders through it. It had been years since I fired it. Afterwards, I cleaned it, and that's when I snapped the pic.
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