More 38 Special for me today


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I shoot a lot of these. Xtreme 125-grain flat point plateds over 4.8 grains of Bullseye thrown from the RCBS Uniflow. They fly at about 950 fps. I only had time to run 100 rounds, but will get more done tomorrow while I have everything set up.

These rounds only cost me a little over a dime per round to make, and the S&W Model 27 loves them. Very accurate and fun to shoot!


Reb Tyree

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Walter Looks like a great load!!! I loaded the last of my Xtreme 125 gr FP .38 cal earlier this year, very accurate bullet, in my 586 and 686 S&W.

I found 2 boxes of 500 each of .40 cal 155 gr today that I forgot all about in one of my cabinets in the garage today while looking for something else. Thought I had used the last of my Xtreme .40 cal bullets when I loaded 40 cal rounds last year. Well now I've got some to load now in the fall.


Reb Tyree

Load Data Elibible CZ75B SA
Don’t ya love it when that happens? 👍🏻
Good Morning Walter,

Yes I do, can't believe I forgot about them!
l had loaded a 1,000 .40 Cal bullets back in Late Nov last year. I had moved several of my components from one storage area to make more room and forgot about them. Its like xmas finding them!!! 🙂🙂🙂

Reb and my Merry band of fur buddies
🤠 🐩🐶🐕🐶🐕
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