My Brother Neal

Please keep my brother Neal in you prayers, he is currently in the hospital suffering for pneumonia but doing better and hopefully will be out in a couple days according to the doctors. My brother is a godly man who works two jobs to support his family include his two grand kids. My brother never complains, he just does what he has to do and I just pray he will slow down some and get some needed rest.
Reloader762 - Sound like to me your brother is a humble servant of the Lord , one that thinks of others before himself , a Brother In Christ . I pray Holy Father in heaven forgive us of our sins , one of your servants Neal need a touch from you , and I pray Father that You would do it in such a way that it would be for Your Glory and Neal good , I pray that there will be no damage to his lungs and full breath would come back to him ,. I thank You Father for hearing us and for your answer ! In Jesus Christ name Amen

B.I.C. cyocaller
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