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I mentioned on tonight’s livestream that I’d committed a goof-up today, and that I’d ‘fess’ up here.

So I’m cleaning my 1911. Great firearm..Colt Series 70 Mk IV that I purchased new about 40 years ago. I seldom shoot it except when I have 45ACP brass that is near it’s end of life. This gun tends to destroy brass and I need to wear double eye protection and long sleeves.

Anyway, I shot it this week, loving every round of it’s miserable ED (Ejection Dysfunction) problem and it needed cleaning. When I popped the slide stop out, I bobbled it. I batted at it a couple of times, but it fell behind my bench. Down that little gap between the bench and the wall. You know, that bench that for 10 years has provided shelter for probably 5,000 homeless spent primers, who knows how many pieces of random brass, 8 pounds of dust bunnies, assorted plumbing parts and over 18,000 black widows. Not to mention the 500-odd pounds of lead and zinc ingots that live under there.

I’m 73. My back, knees and head bone don’t play well with floor games on the concrete in the garage, so I’m dreading what I’ve been putting off for way too many years: CLEANING OUT UNDER THE RELOADING BENCH! Let’s see...where did I stash that dynamite?

Well, I spent at least 3 hours laying on the garage floor, with my head and shoulders squished into the 16” space under the bench pulling all that rasty stuff out trying to find a $2.00 part. But it was original, and I wanted it back!

I got everything out from under the bench, swept and cleaned, patched up the holes in my collagen-depleted arms, sorted through the recovered dust bunnies and paniced. NO SLIDE STOP! I went in again. Thought about calling for back-up. Didn’t find it. @#&$#@!, SOB.

I figured the bench troll just ate it and resolved myself to ordering a new one. I figured I might as well clean up the shelves in the bench cabinet since I was there. Good thing, too. I found a couple jars of powder I forgot I had. But there..on the shelf, on the back of the top shelf of the bench, the Group “W“ bench (for those of you who get the reference) was the slide lock. I could’a just opened the cabinet door and seen it, but NO. I had to go directly to the gutter and start from the bottom up. I finished cleaning re-assembled the MkIV before I lost any more parts.

All’s well that ends well, I guess. I went ahead with the plan for the evening and hit the gun club for some 44 Special out of the Super Blackhawk and more 45ACP out of the Springfield XD Tactical. My soul felt better and my bench-rage was alleviated.

At least it’s now clean under my bench, and I have some extra brass. I’m just hoping there are no displaced spiders looking to settle the score tonight 🤣
"bench-rage".... Bwahahaha! That's a real thing. I just never knew it had a name. I'll be teaching the boy what the name is for what he's been witnessing all 12 years of his life that he's been watching me. That's gold!

I'm glad you eventually found your original slide lock, Walter. That's a great story since worked out in the end.
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