My Favorite Place

I've always hoped that one day I would have a place to put a nice man cave but sometimes thing just don't work out so you settle for what you have. It's not the warmest place in the winter or coolest place in the summer but it's my quiet place where I can enjoy my hobby. I got the old office desk from a recycle store for $15 and the entertainment center than somebody left out beside the road for trash pickup, I have a couple office chairs as well that we destine for the trash that just needs some minor repairs, it's amazing what people throw away. Things are a bit compacted but I make it work till I can do better.


My "man cave" at the moment is my garage. That only works for warmer weather or burning a lot of kerosene to heat the place (not insulated). Once I get a bench built in the basement, opportunities will open up. Most of that will be limited to firearm related work.
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