My T7 set up .


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Ok, below are the 2 turret heads with my dies set up.
The 1st one has my .223 on the left with my .45 acp around the right.
The 2nd one is for 9mm with a universal decapper. I will be adding my Mighty Armory on next.
Next, I will be getting the auto priming system.

In the meantime, when time permits, some tryouts for the range tests.
Thanks for looking.



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Thanks everyone. I have joined the upper eschelon now.
I am using the Lee dies, as they are what I have been using. Testing a dummy round for each showed excellent specs.
The 3BR powder measure is being worked on (or rather learned) right now. Worked it a little last nite learning to set the micrometer.
Now that I'm happy, if I can only get the lawn mower started, my Bride will be happy!:rolleyes:
Congratulations WoodChuk! The Redding T7 Turret press is my favorite press. I prefer to use my T7, more than my Hornady LNL progressive press!

The area I live in has temps over 100 degrees in the summer, to hot to reload in the garage. So I set my T7 up on a portable stand so I could reload in the house.

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