New Cast Bullet Rifle

Have my new to me Remington 770 rifle in 30-06 ready to try some cast bullets in soon, now to do some load development and get it sighted in. I wanted to use my Ranch Dog 170 gr. FP bullet but the throat on the rifle is too short for the ogive of that bullet so it's going to be the Lee 170 gr. FP and the Lee 160 gr. RN. Some many projects so little time.
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Nice rifle. Did the scope come with it?
It had a 4 X scope on it which I will give back to my friend Andy that sold me the rifle at below market value as he didn't need another 30-06 but he like the scope so I'm going gift it back to him. I added the new scope today it's a 4 x 16 x 40 Mil Dot with adjustable turrets and a few other features, I know several YouTube guys that have one and like it a lot for what it cost, we will see how it does.
Thats the kind of stuff I like! Please keep us posted on the progress!
Will do, I have 100 pieces of brass to prep next week at night after work and hope to get some loads worked up before the weekend to test out. I know the rifle shoot jacketed really well, hopeful it will shoot cast lead just as well. I'm going to start out with some mid range load using 2400 and work up to some heavier loads with slower burning powders. Eventually I want to get up to around 2K fps. which is fine for the type of shooting I do around here.
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