New Shoes

I always like getting new shoes and one thing I don't like is worn out shoes. And, for a 4x4 I like rugged tires.

The plan is these will actually replace the winter tires but they still have a season left in them yet and the steel junk yard rims they are mounted on are getting questionable due to rust from the road salt. Since this set set me back $1,500, I'll need to save up some money for 5 BFG KM3s, TPMS sensors and new rims to replace the crusty junkyard rims. Still going with steel since they are more easily bent back into shape in the field than aluminum. I thought about just cleaning and paint the old rims but the wheel design would be darn near impossible to clean properly and where the corrosion is worse is where accessibility is at it's worse. Better to be safe than sorry. I'm looking at these:

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