Pulled one!

Can you tell which one was double action lol. I was shooting a mag doing controlled pairs with press out from high ready @ 25 yards. I just suck using double action when working for PAR times. Its hard not to pull your shot and go fast....well for me anyway. My P226 is my only DA/SA pistol, I love it but need some more work on that DA pull. I'm spoiled by striker fired guns.


Reb Tyree

Load Data Elibible CZ75B SA
I have one, I like it a lot. Shooting USPSA with a stock model 19 is a whole set of skills I do not posses lol.
Great shooting, only one round in the "B

The S&W Model 19, was the first revolver I ever owned, great revolver. Had a friend who was a certified gunsmith clean up the action. What a difference, great trigger, and very accurate. Wish I still had that revolver.
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