Remember the lost

I wanted to remind everyone to pray for the lost. Of course, we pray for those that request prayer but how about those that don’t even know they need it ,or better yet, don’t want it.

I’ve have a guy that I’ve been lifting up to the Lord for over 2 years now. He has distanced himself from me, but I have continued to pray for him. About a month ago he reached out to me. After a talk, we agreed that it was time for him to meet with the Pastor. He gave his heart to the Lord that night and was baptized last Sunday. God created the environment that this hardened heart could soften. The moral of the story is...don’t give up! Do not underestimate the power of prayer! Often we forget those that are lost. We all have them around us. Let’s all do better about that.


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Absolutely awesome Rusty. Thanks for sharing your heart.
My prayer is that this Easter season will be full of these opportunities for the unsaved to come to a saving knowledge of The Lord Jesus. Thanks for letting your light shine into others' lives. You are not done with this evangelistic ministry. God is working on the next step for you to move in. Go Rusty go!
Good job Rusty0007 throwing the seeds , one of them took hold , The Lord is working on the hearts of those that we pray for even though it does not look like it at the time , but the Father always answers the payer of his children in His perfect timing , just like Daniel's pray , so don't stop . Glad to here about your friends being born again ! Amen

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