Roll sizing

After watching the video I have to say that is pretty cool. But...other than doing something off the press for whatever reason, is this process better that resizing on the press? I do it the hard way I guess. I decap everything and then media tumble it, then size and reload it. As a machinist, I hate starting with dirty brass.

I'm just trying to decide if it's worth the $$$$$$ money to use this system. If you didn't have to size on the press, you could open another station on the tool head and maybe not seat and crimp or flare and drop powder in the same station.

Just spitballing here.


Hand Press
Initially looking at the roll sizer seems like a waste of money and time. But after further review that machine is totally awesome. Any case bulge issues will be fixed at high speed and volume. So precision at high volume. FYI you would still need to full length resize. And if I had the money.....
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