Round nose or Hollow Point

I have decided to change up some of my bullet usage. I currently have loaded 115gr RN for my pistols. I am in the process of expanding the calibers I shoot and want to start loading 124gr bullets for my pistols and PCC's. A few of the folks I have talked to and posts across the internet indicate many are shooting HP. A few of those folks also shoot some competition, something I am looking into possibly trying out. The other calibers I will be starting on are .40 SW/10mm and 38 Spc/357 Mag. Any thoughts or opinions? I am not too worried about paying a couple dollars more for HP bullets.



I would consider the application first. If you are punching paper or shooting steel, either plinking or competing, then I would say whatever groups the best for you. Practice will prove which one you should go with. When it comes to personal protection, I think whatever puts them down hard and fast is best, something that mushrooms well and doesn't over-penetrate or goes through walls if you miss. I like HP defensive rounds for that. As you said, there are a lot of choices and plenty of room for experimentation.
You might want to check this gentleman out. He talks in-depth about bullets, guns and everything in between for competition. You'll need to sift through the information he gives as he is sponsored by everyone. He's been competing forever and seems legit.

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