T7 look normal to


No. It doesn’t look right. Your shell holder does not seem to be lining up with the die. The decap pin looks off center to me. If it is, you will likely break or bend the pin, and you will have difficulty with the other die functions as well.

@Farmer I was able to replicate the condition you show by
a) having the decap pin LOOSE in the die body
b) not having the die body tightened down to the press turret properly.

The threads in both the pin-to-die body and die body-to-press fit loosely until tightened, and the cumulative effect of both being insecure can produce the offset you show. I don’t know if that’s the scenario you had going on, but at least it’s a possible culprit.

Be sure that your decap pin is tight in the die body, run your sizing die down until it touches the shell holder, lock into place, and check the alignment there. You don’t need cam-over for this test, just snug against the shell holder. The bottom of your die should line up concentrically with the shell holder as you see here. Report back what you find 😁



Yep..it looks like the turret still isn’t indexing properly, or the ram is crooked somehow. That turret should fall into index with a solid “thunk” as the detent ball engages. Call Redding and explain the situation to them.
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