The Kukrimunga


A long time ago I saw a piece of African weaponry called a Kpinga or Hunga munga. This was, or is, a thrown weapon that looks like a cross between a sickle and a pickaxe. It was used by the Azande tribe from northern central Africa. It's about 22 inches long and has three different shaped blades that act like a buzzsaw when thrown at an enemy during warfare. You can look it up, I wouldn't lie to you. Well, this blade kind of reminded me of a cross between the Kpinga and a Kukri. It's a nasty piece of work that is wicked sharp with a needlepoint along with the skull popper at the butt end. I bought it just because it was interesting, I can't think of any practical use unless maybe as a short machete. Or crowd control, LOL.

1756 The Hunga Munga (Kpinga)
And of course, the Kukri
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