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AmazonSmile helps support GOF and your gun rights!

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Click on the AmazonSmile box to support the legal work of Gun Owners Foundation while you shop! Today is the last time to get special deals on Amazon.

Shopping on AmazonSmile Lets You Support Gun Rights in the Courts!

Dear Keith,

Amazon Prime days, which are occurring today and tomorrow, provide deals that come around once a year. But did you know that you can get these good bargains while also supporting gun rights, at no extra cost to you?

Use Amazon Smile to support GOF

Simply shopping can help Gun Owners Foundation -- which is GOA’s legal foundation -- fight gun control in the courts. It’s easy to do. Simply select Gun Owners Foundation (GOF) on AmazonSmile.

Jeff Bezos may be anti-gun, but GOF receives thousands of dollars from Amazon smile -- money that has come to us because of purchases from pro-gun advocates like you.
Every dollar you spend shopping on AmazonSmile, with GOF selected as your foundation of choice, will help raise money for our litigation fund.

In fact, GOF is leading legal efforts such as challenging so-called “assault weapon” and standard capacity magazine bans.

In Washington, DC, GOF helped challenge their stringent restrictions on concealed carry in Wrenn v. DC (2018). In this landmark case, GOF argued that judges have no authority to use a “balancing test” approach to Second Amendment rights. The D.C. Circuit agreed, ruling that the city’s “good reason” requirement for concealed carry permits is unconstitutional.

This case is very significant because it sets up a potential conflict at the appellate level with other concealed carry cases and could easily justify the U.S. Supreme Court taking up such a case in the future.

Again, please support your 2A rights by going to smile.amazon.com and selecting Gun Owners Foundation when prompted. Don’t forget to save Amazon Smile to your browser.
Thank you for helping keep us protect gun owners’ rights in court.

In liberty,
Kailey Nieman

Director of Development
Gun Owners of America

P.S. Please go to smile.amazon.com and select Gun Owners Foundation as your favored charity. But note: AmazonSmile doesn’t work with the Amazon App or on the regular amazon website.

Use Amazon Smile to support GOF!

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