After 6 months of research I ordered an XL750 on Sept 4, still not here. My Redding T7 arrived Thursday but I want to use an in-line fabrication flush mount which should be here any minute. So at this point I’m finishing all my other chores and getting my bench organized in anticipation of having the big blue beast arrive. Our family shoots all of the standard stuff so I’m going to start on something straightforward in pistol but eventually look to load 9mm, .38/357, 40, 45, .223/556 and .308.

Bill, the Highboy videos are excellent. They are linked through the forum but I’ve been watching them on YouTube, subscribe to Highboy76. He has step by step videos that are short, and longer ones that are topic specific to either a press or procedure. Pay attention, it’s not something you can watch in the background while you’re cooking dinner... there’s tons of detailed tips and he’s great at explaining the “why”. Eventually most questions you have will get answered by watching the vids, but if you can’t wait for the answer you can always ask here on the forum. The guys are all very gentle to the nooby questions, and sometimes everyone learns something from a new question.

Sounds like the “Three Skagiteers” need to hook up for coffee ASAP! I’m building two duck blinds today and hopefully shooting snow geese tomorrow, but might be free mid week or next weekend!
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Heck yeah! Love to meet yall!
I have been loading 9mm, 40 SW, .38 Spc/357 Mag, .223/5.56, 300 BLK, and 30-30 Win. I have components and dies to load 308 Win and 45 ACP but haven't started on the 308 yet and I do not have a firearm that shoots 45 ACP yet. I am itching to purchase a Savage 110 Tactical in 6.5 Creedmor, but current situations finds me spending some of the firearm fund elsewhere. I am interested in loading 6.5 Grendel and 6mm ARC. Still need a shotgun too...lol

Added note, the equipment I am using are Lee Classic turret, RCBS Rockchucker, and Dillon XL750
You sound like you can be our go to guy. The man with the plan ect.

right now I’m attempting to collect whatever parts and components I can find. Once I find everything I think I need to load something, then I’ll be looking for a watchful eye and mentor.

a get together sounds like it could be a fun idea. If anyone has ideas, out then out and let’s see what happens
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