Well done SIG!

I just wanted to say “JOB Well Done Sig Sauer”!. I recently purchased this FDE Sig MCX Virtus in 5.56. I hesitated for some time due to the $1,900 price tag. Once i pulled the trigger and received the rifle, I will say, I was amazed! The quality and level to detail is %200. The gun has a very light recoil impulse and has never had any issues. Even after 2,000+ rounds fired through it. Barrels can be swapped out in minutes, as well as the handguards. Even though the BCG is different from a standard AR15 BCG, it is very well engineered and well built. Due to all the wear spots having the ability for ease of replacement, this rifle will be running many years after i leave this earth.

Thanks for a great product!

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