Who’s casting? Give up your mold, alloy and caliber!


Today I cast up a couple of hundred of the Lee .309-150 2-cav for the 30-30 alloyed to make 16BHN, a couple hundred of the Lee .429-200 RF 2-cav for the 44-40 with range scrap that comes in at 12 BHN and a couple hundred Lee .358-158 SWC TL with the same range scrap. I have been using the Lyman Mag-25 pot, IMHO a better choice than the Lee pot which I also have and use.


Not really casting, but today I ingot-ized a can full of range scrap and my casting rejects. There’s about 12 lbs there.

Since I got my Lyman Mag-25 pot, my old Lee 4-20 pot has been relegated to scrap-casting duty 😁


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OK, ok, ok. I get your subliminal message to start my furnace back up. LOL... Dang, you sure know how to get a guy going. I am on call this weekend but will see what I can do.



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I had purchased a 4 cavity Arsenal 170 gr. FN Ranch Dog clone a while back to use in my 30-30 but the ogive is too large even sized to .309" to chamber properly so I put together a dummy rd. for my Sav. 99 in 300 Sav. with the bullet sized to .311" and it chambers and shoots very accurately. I always wanted a good FN bullet for the Savage so now I have one and all is not lost the 30-30 will chamber and shoot the Lee 170 gr. FN just fine. As far as alloy goes I'm pretty much casting all my handgun an rifle bullets with 50/50 pure lead / wheel weight and powder coating them. I allow them to air cool if I want some expansions like with my 38/357 and 45 ACP HP's or water quench them and let them set for about two the three weeks to age harden.

Arsenal 170 gr. 4 cavity with (2) Gas Check and (2) Plain base bullets.

A couple loaded rds. one with the check and one without, 300 Sav. cases were formed from once fired 7.62 x 51 MM brass. The extra thickness of the military brass get me about an additional 75 fps. average MV over the listed load data using factory 300 Sav. brass.

First 5 shot test loads using a stand charge of 16.0 grs. Alliant 2400 Average MV was around 1700 fps.
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