Who is your favorite bible character? Why did you choose that person? Jesus is a given, so choose another.


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My favorite character besides Jesus is - Noah. He is the 1st mentioned woodworking craftsman. As a woodworker (hence my name WoodChuk), I can relate. Noah's righteousness, obedience to The Lord, his humble heart & willingness to do anything The Lord God demanded, is impeccable. Noah carried on the stewardship of creation, that Adam let go of. He loved with a deep compassion.
Although the other Patriarchs were superbly unique, Noah's life inspires me to obey The Lord, without question, with a willingness that is unselfish. He feared (referenced) The Lord with a deep conviction. Noah is a true hero of the faith.
"Moses" For me he is like the older brother that is teaching his siblings with a balanced and firm hand. He put the smack down on a tyrannical government. And I can relate to the internal struggle he had believing in himself.
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